Precautions for biological kitchen waste

Source: Zhejiang yongerjia Environmental Protection TechnoRelease time: 2021-04-12

The biological kitchen waste device is designed and manufactured using the complete aerobic differentiation process of microorganisms, and is suitable for on-site treatment of restaurant and household kitchen waste. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, no pollution, no peculiar smell, and low operating cost. The following biological kitchen waste processor, biological kitchen waste machine and biological waste disposer manufacturers will talk about the precautions for biological kitchen waste.

1. The input method of kitchen waste:

Boiled garbage: Please drain the water before putting it in. Don't put more than 1 kg at a time.

Raw garbage: Please chop up fibrous raw garbage before putting it in, especially watermelon peels, fruit peels, cabbage leaves, raw vegetables, skins, fish entrails with a lot of salt, etc., please wash them with water before putting them in. Please remove the moisture before putting it in the raw garbage with a lot of moisture.

2. Substances that cannot be put in:

Do not put in substances that are relatively hard, difficult to differentiate or interfere with mixing,

For example, beef bones, pork bones, cigarettes, shellfish, medicines, chopsticks, toothpicks, plastic bags, plastics, metals, paper, cloth, glass, corn, water chestnut, sugarcane skin and other hard long fibers cannot be differentiated. Try not to put them in the machine. Wait inside.