How to choose a food waste disposer?

Source: Zhejiang yongerjia Environmental Protection TechnoRelease time: 2021-04-12

Now, there are so many models of food waste disposers on the market, so how do we choose a suitable food waste disposer for ourselves? Let's take a look at the purchase of food waste disposers by manufacturers of biological kitchen waste devices, biological kitchen waste machines and biological waste disposers.

The level of noise emitted by food processors when handling garbage is a factor to be considered. After some households have purchased a garbage disposer, they often suffer from the noise, and some noisy food garbage disposers may even collapse the unsturdy stove.

In addition, to choose a suitable food waste disposer, you must first understand the daily waste disposal capacity of your home. Choose the size of the machine capacity according to the household population and the frequency of eating at home.

It is worth noting that in addition to differences in power and capacity, food waste disposers are mainly divided into two switching methods: power switch and air switch. The prices of the two switches are quite different. Remind consumers that when decorating, reserve power in the cabinet below the kitchen sink, and reserve control switches above the cabinet. If no switches are reserved, an air switch or wireless coding switch is required, which is relatively expensive.